About JoJo

I am Joanne!  The owner and creator of all things purses. 

I started my journey into purse making and have found sewing bags to be my passion.  I began sewing when I was very young and have always loved to sew. This is a journey of love that I want to pass onto others by creating custom bags that all women or men can afford. 

meI love being in my sewing room when I can.  I work in the field of mammography, so my sewing is my escape from the world. I am also a wife, a mom of 3 grown ladies and a grandmother of 4.  I am hoping to teach some of my grandchildren to sew.  
My favorite machine shown is what I use to create the beautiful bags you see on my website.  I make a variety of styles of purses, backpacks and wallets.

ccI love creating custom purses and especially conceal carry purses